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GPN Duets Column 

The Duets column in Greenhouse Product News magazine started in 2017 and is approaching its 50th installment. During its run the editors at GPN (parent company Great America Media Services) have been incredibly accommodating in allowing me to bring academic colleagues and industry experts of my choosing aboard to discuss topics they are passionate about. Articles are grouped by general topic below.


Business Management

Alicia Rihn. Consumer Behavior and the Economics of Profitability

Michelle Klieger. An Unfamiliar Spring: Supply Chain Disruption and Grower Creativity.

Bridget Behe. Horticulture and Marketing: Are We Making Enough Progress?

Jeff Lowenfels. Inside the World of Home Gardening.

Michelle Klieger. Agriculture’s Economics: Are Consumers Always Happiest in Low Price Markets?

Crop Nutrition

Kimberly Williams. Crop Nutrition and Organic Production.

Cari Peters. Traditional vs Hydroponic Fertilizer Practices.

Wendy Zellner. Silicon Nutrition: Misconceptions and Advancing Knowledge.

Rick Vetanovetz. Soluble Fertilizer Technology Continues to Advance

Greenhouse Structure and Environment Control

Dave Bartlett. Greenhouse Technology: Environment Control for Small Growers

Keith Bemerer. Greenhouse Structures and Systems: Advancing Technology for Small Growers

Growing Media and Biostimulants

Allison Jack. Biostimulants: Learning to Leverage the Biological World

Dan Jacques. The State of Growing Media: How Many Mixes Do We Really Need?

Michelle Jones. Biostimulants in Crop Production: Performance Optimization.

Colin Bell. Harnessing Soil Microbes: Past, Present, and Future.


Christopher Currey. Hydroponic Vegetable and Herb Production.

Todd Guerdat. Aquaculture + Hydroponics = Aquaponics.

Michelle Klieger. Vertical Farm Food Production: Cultivar Selection, Plant Breeding, and Seed Quality. 

Paul Brentlinger. Hydroponic Growing Systems for Small Growers

Beth Scheckelhoff. Adding Edible Crops to and Ornamentals Operation: Food Safety is a Different Ball    Game.

Industry Advances
Sarah Davidson Evanega. Biotechnology’s Place in Feeding the World

Dave Kuack. Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes…An Industry Advancing.

Justin Marotta. Advancing an Industry: Grower Association, University and Government 


Jasmina Dolce. How Can the Horticulture Industry Thrive in a Post Pandemic Environment?

Industry Challenges

Patricia Nanteza. Global Biotechnology Policy: Extend Africa the Courtesy to Decide for Herself

Bridget Behe, Lela Kelly. Gender Bias in Horticulture: Progress Realized, More Work Ahead

Molly Dishman, Pam Temko. Gender Bias in Horticulture, Part 2: Next Generation Women Move Forward


Judy McWhorter. Greenhouse and Nursery Sanitation: An Obsessive Compulsive Commitment.


Erik Runkle. Supplemental and Sole Source LED Lighting: Fast and Furious Change.

Alex Bodell. Horticulture’s History with Disruptive Technology: LED Lighting Takes Its Turn.

Pest Management

Greg Bryant. Biological Insect Control: State of the Industry and Future Success.

Production Management

Brian Krug. Growers Can Conduct Meaningful Trials.

Will Healy. Managing Product Assortment Shrink: New Genetics vs Time Tested Varieties.

Mike Marquez. Greenhouse Production of Cannabis: Are Existing Growers a Good Fit?


Garrett Owen. From Rural Farm to University

Raymond Cloyd. Outreach Education: Universities Adapt to a Changing Landscape and New Audience.

Lela Kelly. Grower Conferences: Maximizing Your Educational Opportunities, Time and Resources.

John Erwin. Scientific Discovery’s Moment of Excitement

Neil Mattson. From Family Farm to Controlled Environment Agriculture

Kaylee South. A Ph.D. Program Seeded in High School and Shaped to Serve Horticulture

Jonathan Karall. Research in the Exciting Sector of Controlled Environment Agriculture

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